Salı, Ağustos 22, 2006

OpenCV 1.0 RC 1 çıktı

OpenCV RC1 duyruldu
>>> New functionality/features: <<< -
New Compilers/Environments supported:
* GCC 4.x
* Visual Studio .NET 2005.
* On MacOSX universal OpenCV binaries are now built by default, so both PPC and Intel Mac's are fully supported.
* Borland C++ support has been removed. There is still script utils\ available that can generate makefile.bcc's out of MSVC's project files (not tested with rc1).
* New command-line makefiles _make\makefile.
* are introduced that allow user to build OpenCV for Win64 (EM64T/AMD64 and Itanium). For details, see INSTALL file. - cxcore:
* added several new functions: cvMixChannels, cvRandShuffle, cvRange, cvCalcPCA, cvProjectPCA, cvBackProjectPCA, cvNormalize, cvReduce, cvGetNumThreads, cvSetNumThreads, cvGetThreadNum. See docs/ref/opencvref_cxcore.htm for details.
* extended cvCalcCovarMatrix, cvMulTransposed
* added macros for the library version: see cxcore/include/cvver.h
* added C++ classes CvImage and CvMatrix: see cxcore/include/cxcore.hpp and the sample samples/c/image.cpp
* the maximum number of channels in matrices has been increased up to 64. though, only the basic functions can handle such images. - cv:
* new functions: cvPyrMeanShiftFiltering, cvWatershed, cvGetAffineTransform. see docs/ref/opencvref_cv.htm for details.
* extended: cvDistTransform (true distance transform algorithm), cvThresh (Otsu adaptive algorithm), cvCanny (using true gradient as an option)
* all the filtering functionality has been reworked, new C++ classes for linear separable and non-separable filtering, morphology, laplace, box filer (blur) have been added. see cv/include/cv.hpp. The older C API is still supported and is preferrable sometimes (e.g. when IPP is used).

****** API changes:
* cvCamShift, cvBoxPoints and all the other functions taking/returning an angle (as a field of the structure CvBox2D or as a standalone parameter) now measure the angles in degrees. - cvaux:
* new large video surveillance module has been added (cvaux/src/vs and cvaux/include/cvvidsurv.h). It implements smart blob tracking. See the description at docs/vidsurv) - ml (stands for Machine Learining):
* this is a completely new C++ module containing classes for statistical classification, regression and clustering. See docs/ref/opencvref_ml.htm. - highgui:
* the whole video capturing code has been restructured and split by modules, better function names have been introduced (older names are supported via macros)
* Quicktime (MacOSX) and Xine (Linux, (attention: watch the license!)) support added.
* many small and big improvements have been made in most of the video capturing modules
* a helper thread can be used to refresh highgui windows content w/o having to call cvWaitKey() (Linux only).

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